About Us

At Target Eagle, we're passionate about fostering a welcoming environment of knowledgeable, compassionate, and dependable firearm users. Our ultimate aim is to create a sense of community and responsibility within the firearm ownership realm.


Firearms Owners

Four-in-ten U.S. adults say they live in a household with a gun


No Firearms Training

4 Out of 10 firearms owners have received no formal firearms training


New Firearms Owners

Every year, millions of individuals purchase firearms for the first time

Mission Objective

To cultivate a spirit of responsibility, giving, and unity, a segment of our profits are donated to vetted charities dedicated to aiding veterans and their families.

We strive to bring high-grade firearms instruction to everybody. We bring together specialized training with advanced A.I. abilities that are able to recognize and detect shots, thus allowing cost-effective guidance without needing complex equipment.

We are

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We never give up. We understand that achieving glory requires dedication and perseverance, so we won't be deterred from achieving it.

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Growth is brought about through skepticism and inquisition.

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Success comes when we look at issues and come up with unique approaches to finding the answers.

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We think lightly of ourselves and deeply of the world.

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Having empathy for others is not enough, we also aid in relieving distress.