Shooting Targets

Shooting targets, uniquely paired with AI tracking & coaching technology

Built Intelligently

No need for expensive and complicated equipment or modifying your weapon. just use your cellphone!

Works perfectly with the app

Download the app, and start your training journey. Access all the tools and resources you need to improve your shooting skills.

Designed to maximize usability

From beginners to professionals, pick a drill that works for your weapon, interest and proficiency level.

Proudly made in the USA

Crafted in the US, Target Eagle targets ensure top-notch quality, supporting local manufacturing while delivering precision in every shot.

More Than Paper

Crafted from high-quality card stock, these targets are engineered for both indoor and outdoor use, resiliently withstanding diverse environmental conditions.

Premium Quality

Constructed from high quality card stock, Target Eagle's weather-resistant targets are robust and versatile, making them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor shooting scenarios.

High Visibility Colors

Designed to be color-blind friendly, ensures our targets are easily identifiable, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Multiple Hit Zones

Providing users with versatile training options tailored to their individual practice needs.

Upgrade your self-defense strategy

All the tools and resources you need to become become better.AI-powered shot recognition technology to track your shots more accurately. Powerful tools to help with everything from zeroing your sight to coachig you through a wide range of real life scenarios. Download the FREE app today!

Frequently asked questions


How are you different from laser training apps?

Target Eagle is a live-fire performance coach that only uses your phone's camera and microphone. No expensive equipment or modification required.


what kinds of targets are ideal for rifle shooting?

Make better use of your time with flexible training resource, intelligently ccurated to meet your goals.


Do I need to buy any equipment to use the app?

All you need is smart paper targets from Target Eagle – no equipment needed for your shooting target practice.


Do you offer a free version?

Download the FREE Target Eagle app when you get your smart paper targets anywhere - perfect for shooting target practice!