Shoot better. Help others.

Target eagle is a mission-driven company. Our goal is to cultivate an inclusive community of proficient and responsible gun owners who value helping others.

Focus on your shots.
Let us do the rest.

A.I. performance tracking with real-time stats.

Professional courses and content designed to help you shoot better, and faster with
fewer rounds.

Training Camp

Bring your gun, pick your drills, and crush them.

Whether its self-defense or competitive shooting, pick your goals, practice with your own gun and at your own pace. Train together, climb the leader board and beat your personal best.

AI Shot Tracker

A.I. Performance Tracker

Track your each shot, time, hit factor, zone and see how your improve over time. No need for expensive or complicated equipment or modifying your weapon.

Smart Targets

Smart Targets

Included in your membership, smart targets are built to take your shooting experience to the next level.

Mission Objectives
Defend Your Loved Ones
Improve Yourself
Help Others
Defend Your Loved Ones
Improve Yourself
Help Others
Defend Your Loved Ones

World-Class Trainers

Train with the best in America without the hassle of traveling with your guns. Practice and connect with world-class trainers from anywhere.

Leaderboard and Tournaments

See how you stack up! Track your performance against other shooters across the world. Participate in tournaments and win big prizes, like free ammo!

Train at Your Own Pace

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned shooter, choose the right drill for your weapon, interest and proficiency level from our growing library.