Firearms Training

Smart shooting targets paired with a free AI firearms coach for enhanced firearm training and online tracking

Everything You Need for Comprehensive Firearms Training


Meet your first intelligent firearms instructor that uses cutting-edge technology to observe and enhance your shooting performance.
Our system can automatically track critical factors such as shot accuracy, time, grouping, round count, stance, movement, and more, offering a complete firearm training course experience.


Pick your drills, and crush them


See how you improve over time

Smart targets

Crafted from premium quality, weather-resistant card stock, our shooting targets feature high visibility, color-blind friendly hues, and incorporate multiple hit zones for versatile training options. These next-generation targets amplify the precision and effectiveness of your firearms training, making them the perfect companions for your shooting practice.

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All You Need Is a Smartphone

No need for expensive and complicated equipment or firearm modifications. Start your online firearms training just using your cellphone!

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Download our app, and start your training journey. Explore all the tools and resources to improve your shooting skills.

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Form beginners to professionals, pick a drill that works for your weapon, interest and proficiency level.

Put your training to the test

Make better use of your time with our flexible firearms training resources, intelligently curated to meet your shooting performance goals.

Track your performance

Automatically track your progress and see how you improve over time.

Challenge others

See how you stack up against others in our growing community. Participate in virtual matches and tournaments. Win prizes such as FREE AMMO, Enough said...

Upgrade your
self-defense strategy

Get all the tools and resources you need for comprehensive firearms training. Our AI-powered gun trainer uses shot recognition technology to track your shots more accurately on our shooting targets. We offer powerful tools for everything from enhancing your target shooting skills to coaching you through a wide range of real-life scenarios.