Automatic Shot Detection

Automatically identifies shot placement and scores.

Interactive Shot Timer

An AI-powered, fully interactive shot timer.

Intelligent Stance Analysis

Accurately time your dry-fire drills.

How does it work?


Buy a target

Grab one of our smart targets

Crafted from premium quality, weather-resistant card stock, our shooting targets feature high visibility, color-blind friendly hues, and incorporate multiple hit zones for versatile training options. These next-generation targets amplify the precision and effectiveness of your firearms training, making them the perfect companions for your shooting practice.


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Pick from a host of available Activities

Whether you're into live-fire or dry-fire drills for skill sharpening or eager for the thrill of online multiplayer games (coming soon), there's something for every shooter.



Track your progress

Capturing every aspect of your performance enables you to learn and grow with each shot. Over time, this comprehensive tracking helps in identifying patterns and areas for improvement, significantly enhancing your overall shooting performance.

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"I'm impressed with Target Eagle. I can use my own gun, no mods needed. It's surprising how much this free app offers – it's taken my range days to a new level"

Larry R.


"Never thought a free app could outdo my $160 shot timer. The detailed performance feedback it provides has been invaluable in improving my precision and speed at the range."

Nick M.


"I'm seriously impressed with how well this app tracks my dry-fire sessions. The movement detection is incredibly accurate, making my practice sessions more effective than ever. It's amazing how a free app can offer such precision."

Michael G.


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